“The superior physician does not just treat disease
but teaches society and helps form
the intentions of humanity.”

Sun Si Miao


The Acupuncture Clinic of Charleston is the place to begin your journey toward improved health & self awareness.

Be assured that you will be treated with respect and dignity. You are offered the best possible guarantee: I will do the best I can each and every time you enter the office, so that you will be the healthiest person you can become.

Your practitioner, Karyla Gaines, is a National Board Certified Acupuncturist and National Certified Counselor (NCCAOM and NCC), with a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture Physical Medicine and a Master’s in Clinical Counseling.

The clinic is centrally located in Mount Pleasant, SC, just within the city of Charleston limits on Ben Sawyer (Coleman) Blvd. It is easy access from West Ashley, North Charleston, Goose Creek and Summerville. The office offers a relaxed setting for your treatments, allowing the healing process to begin even before your session.


Oriental medicine is a holistic medical system thousands of years old. Over the centuries, doctors of Oriental medicine have observed and documented the human body and its response to natural circumstances, thus developing the most utilized medical system known.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine address health and illness from a perspective that cannot deny daily stress and its impact on physical and emotional health. It is not surprising to hear the number of stress related illnesses on the rise when we consider what we try to accomplish in our daily schedules. However, it is possible to reduce these numbers by incorporating acupuncture and simple lifestyle changes, encouraging the body’s own intelligence to respond naturally for maximum health.